The future is now

According to a conceptual artist from NASA, in the very near future, all female astronauts will look surprisingly like a girl who once dated a conceptual artist from NASA.

-Thank you, NASA


As the sun set, Rutger let go of the giant red triangle and watched as it floated away from him and became the property of the sky.

That night Rutger would sleep well knowing that there was one more triangle up there - always looking down, silently and patiently waiting for it's time to come.

-Thank you, United States Department of Agriculture

Never forget.

There's no basement in the Alamo.

Thank you Deparment of Housing and Urban Development

Thank you. I'll be here all night.

- Watch it bring you to your


Na-na-na-na knees, knees.

I wanna watch you bleed.

- Thank you, U.S. Antarctic Program

Expensive machinery

Guy on Left: I hope this square knows how to work this thing 'cuz I sure as shit don't.
Guy on Right: Progress shmogress. My feet hurt.

-Thank you, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Money shot

From the Wikipedia entry for Davidson, Didier:

Didier Davidson was one of the early practitioners of the use of infrared phtographic techniques in adult films.

Here we see a single frame screen grab from one of the 'money shot' montages which brought him great fame and a small fortune in the mid 1970s.

-Thank you, U.S. Geological Survey

Waning sunlight

All great things shall come to pass.

Thank you, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency


... to see here.

-Thank you, CDC

Two haikus

I, whitetail buck deer.
Chew clover and look around.
Then walk from the field.

You, whitetail buck deer.
Chew clover and look around.
Not seeing my scope.

- Thank you, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


Guy on Left: Hey.
Guy on Right: What?
Guy on Left: That's ridiculous!
Guy on Right: What?
Guy on Left: It's size, scragliness and overall grossness.
Guy on Right: What is 'it'?
Guy on Left: Your neckbeard.
Together: Hahaha. It's so cold outside.
Guy on Right: (Tear)

-Thank you, U.S. Antarctic Program


The fur says:


but the left eye (my left, not yours) says:


-Thank you, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service